A Rising Need for End-of-Trip Facilities (EOTF).

end of trip facilities australia

The importance of EOTF in workplaces and other properties

Designed to enhance the experience of commuters by providing convenient amenities, installing end-of-trip facilities (EOTF) in your workplace or commercial property can help them smoothly transition from their trip to their final destination. 

Whether it’s cycling to and from work or going on a walk during their lunch break, end-of-trip facilities are a great way to encourage your employees to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle. Instead of commuting via cars or public transport, you’ll also be promoting environmental sustainability by reducing your overall carbon footprint.

With dedicated bike parking and storage, you’ll also be able to minimise traffic congestion while maximising your designated car parking spaces.

What are end-of-trip facilities?

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End-of-trip facilities, also commonly referred to as EOTF, are designated amenities provided at the end of a journey, typically in the context of centralised locations such as offices, commercial buildings, public transport hubs and other public areas. 

These facilities are designed to provide people who cycle, jog or walk with convenient amenities for their personal needs before or after their journey.

While it may vary depending on the needs of each workplace and its commuters, EOTF often includes onsite facilities such as:

  • Bike parking or storage
  • Locker facilities
  • Showers and changing amenities

Other EOTF can include restrooms, grooming amenities, seating and relaxation areas, drinking taps and refreshments, as well as accessibility features to accommodate those with disabilities.

Benefits of EOTF

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EOTF offers a diverse range of benefits for commuters, the environment and the wider community. 

These benefits can include:

  • Encouraging an active and sustainable means of transportation to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Enhancing your employees’ health and well-being, as well as boosting their workplace satisfaction and productivity levels
  • Reducing traffic congestion and parking demand, both on-site and on the road
  • Promoting your company’s corporate social responsibility values 
  • Improving accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities or mobility challenges
  • Achieving smart urban planning and sustainability goals to counteract rising population numbers

What are the essential components of EOTF?

Typically found in workplaces, transportation hubs, and other public areas, some essential end-of-trip facilities may include:

  • Bicycle parking facilities
  • Secure and covered bike storage racks
  • Showers and changing rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Lockers and personal storage facilities
  • Laundry services
  • Shoe drying racks
  • Water dispensers and refreshments
  • Seating and relaxation areas
  • Repair stations and maintenance facilities
  • Onsite bike rentals or share schemes
  • Charging ports for electronic devices
  • CCTV surveillance and security measures 
  • Accessibility features

These facilities tend to vary depending on the location and purpose of the shared facility.

End of trip facilities design considerations

Optimised space utilisation

Often accommodating multiple amenities such as bike racks, showers, changing rooms, lockers and other facilities, you’ll want to ensure adequate space planning and layout design. This will help to keep the facilities user-friendly while promoting optimal circulation.

Accessible and convenient location

Your EOTF should be easily accessed and used by all commuters, including individuals who may have disabilities or mobility challenges. Ensuring your compliance with Australian standards and non-discriminatory guidelines, accessible features can include ramps, wide doorways, grab bars, and designated disabled parking spaces. 

Enhanced security and surveillance systems

Accessible to members of the public, your end-of-trip facilities should incorporate appropriate security measures to protect commuters and their belongings. Security measures such as CCTV surveillance and access control systems are essential for deterring theft and vandalism.

Appropriate lighting and ventilation

In a shared space, appropriate lighting and ventilation are crucial to creating a safe and comfortable environment. Adequate ventilation helps to minimise unwanted odours and humidity, while proper lighting ensures safe navigation and access which can prevent the risk of slips, trips and falls. 

Sustainable features

Complementing your workplace’s environmental goals, you can also incorporate sustainable design features such as green roofs or walls, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient lighting.

Aesthetic integration with building design

To create positive impressions and boost overall satisfaction, your end-of-trip facilities should be visually appealing and well-designed so they seamlessly complement your building’s overall design and aesthetics. 

Working closely with your architects and builders to maximise functionality and aesthetics, your end-of-trip facilities should also adhere to Australian standards, building codes, and all relevant regulations and guidelines to ensure your complete compliance.

Challenges and solutions when planning EOTF

As with any project, you may need to proactively address and overcome potential challenges when planning and implementing your end-of-trip facilities.

Some common challenges may include:

  • Insufficient space 
  • Budget constraints
  • Integration with existing building and facilities
  • Coordination of stakeholders and local authorities
  • Maintenance and sustainability 

Aside from obtaining local approvals, your EOTF should also adhere to all applicable Australian standards and guidelines. For example, when planning your bike parking and storage facilities, the AS2890.3 (2015) standard provides a set of minimum requirements for the layout, design and security of bicycle parking facilities. It also states the requirements and criteria for selecting compliant bicycle parking solutions.

Learn more about how you can incorporate compliant and safe bike parking features as part of your EOT facilities.

Examples of successful EOTF implementation

443 Queen Street, Brisbane

Image Credit: Architectus

Supplying and installing bike racks for 329 bike spaces as part of their EOTF solution, Classic will be commencing work on this project in May.

To ensure complete compliance with Australian Standards, we will be installing a combination of bike rack types including horizontal and vertical wall mounts, multi-level, and hoop bike racks.

Other Classic projects that required an effective, functional and compliant solution for bike parking facilities

Mickleham Distribution Centre – Merrifield

Mickleham Distribution Centre – Merrifield

Amazon – Mel 5 – Ravenhall

Goulburn Base Hospital

Kaufland Distribution Centre

Supporting sustainable urban development, end-of-trip facilities are only just the beginning

Aligned with your company’s values, prioritising your employees’ health and well-being can help with boosting their productivity and motivation levels, which in turn can improve your bottom line. End-of-trip facilities can also increase your property’s value and marketability, maximising your long-term investment.

On a wider community and environmental level, end-of-trip facilities promote sustainable, environmentally-friendly transportation while ensuring equal access opportunities for individuals of all abilities.

Depending on your project’s scope, Classic Architectural Group can assist with your complete floor and stair safety requirements, from stair nosings to tactile indicators, entrance matting and more. We also have expansive commercial bike racks for your EOTF and car park safety needs.

All of our access and safety solutions can be customised and architecturally designed to meet your project’s aesthetic and functional goals. 

To explore our full range of bicycle racks and storage solutions, please get in touch with our friendly team of experts by calling 1300 244 377 today.

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