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A helpful guide to check AS/NZS 1428 compliance

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Luminance contrast testing is a measure that compares the luminance reflectance of two difference surfaces.

This free online calculator is designed to provide you with the luminance contrast value of a floor substrate with a Classic Tredfx Stair Nosing, TGSI, or a product of your choice. To get started you need to know the Light Reflectance Values (LRV’s) of your Floor Substrate. The calculator can provide you with the luminance contrast values for both dry and wet readings, as well as a Pass or Fail to AS/NZS 1428. It’s your quick guide to Australian Standards compliance.

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Please note that Classic Architectural Group does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the results as the LRV’s were not obtained on site using our own testing procedures. We can assist you with LRV testing on site and provide compliance advice, to give you the certainty you need.