LRV/Luminance Contrast Calculator

Your quick guide to AS/NZS 1428 compliance for stair nosings and tactile indicators

How it Works.

The Australian Standards AS/NZS 1428 requires a minimum level of luminance contrast between certain building elements, including the application of stair nosings and tactile indicators. This is reinforced by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

This free online calculator is your quick guide to compliance, providing you with the luminance contrast value for dry and wet readings, with a Pass or Fail to Australian Standards. As well as getting instant readings, you can have a report with the results emailed to you.

To get started you simply enter the LRV of the stair or floor finish you are using (if LRV is unknown ask the supplier). The calculator does the rest based on the pre-populated LRV of the stair nosing or tactile ground surface indicator (TGSI) type selected.

Click here for our video guide on how to use our LRV calculator

Conditions – Are you calculating the luminance contrast for dry conditions or dry and wet conditions? Please select.

Stair/Floor Finish LRV – You will need the LRV of the stair or floor finish you are using.

Product LRV – What product are you using with your stair/floor finish?

This calculator is pre-populated with the LRV's for Classic Tredfx stair nosings and tactile indicators. If you select ‘other product’ you will be required to enter the LRV.

Luminance Contrast Results - Based on the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1428 here are your results.

Luminance Contrast Required :

Luminance Contrast (Dry) Result :

Please note that Classic Architectural Group does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the results as the LRV’s were not obtained on site using our own testing procedures. We can assist you with LRV testing on site and provide compliance advice, to give you the certainty you need.

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