Tactile Indicators

Warning and directional tactile indicators to assist the visually impaired. Diverse range
of product options and colours to satisfy safety requirements and enhance the aesthetic.

Classic Tredfx Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI's) .

A must-have for all public access areas, Classic’s Tredfx Tactiles give directional guidance and alert to impending hazards. Empowering our visually-impaired community we offer a diverse variety of styles and colours to meet your project’s aesthetic and functional goals.

Covering warning tactile indicators and directional tactile indicators, you can choose from our large tactile systems range, from stainless steel tactiles, aluminium tactilessolid brass tactilespoly tactiles, and ceramic stud tactile indicator options to suit your application. Complying with all NCC and relevant Australian Standards, Classic Architectural Group provides customised, architecturally designed solutions and tactile installation to ensure a seamless finish. Alongside safety stair nosing, TGSI luminance contrast testing (LRV testing) is also available.

With over 40 years’ experience, we provide the complete public access and safety solution across entrance matsstair nosings, tactile indicators, covers and trimsskate deterrents and car park safety systems. Our expertise spans consultation, design, manufacturing, supply and installation, to get you a step ahead.

  • Warning and directional tactiles to suit all applications
  • Individual, plate, tile and self-adhesive options
  • Anti-Slip with up to P5 slip rating
  • Interior and exterior options
  • NCC and AS1428 compliant products
  • Lifetime warranty on all tactile products

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Solid Brass Tactiles

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Stainless Steel Tactiles

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Aluminium Tactiles

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Tactile Accessories

What are Tactile Indicators?

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs) or tactile indicators are raised studs or bars installed on the ground. These products provide crucial orientation cues and/or warning in public spaces. Tactile indicators come as individual studs that are installed as units, drilled into the ground (ideal for retrofitting) and as mats, which are glued to the surface.

They are key for floor safety requirements in public spaces – especially for the visually impaired. They are typically installed at the top or bottom of staircases, ramps or autowalks.

At Classic, we have a wide range of tactile indicators in multiple materials and colours that meet the Australian Standards.

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How do I choose the best Tactile for my Application?

Empowering both visually impaired pedestrians and everyday users alike, our team can advise you on selecting the right type of tactile indicators for your project. From correct placement to selecting the right size and quality, we’ll also provide clarity on your project’s:

  • Aesthetic and functional requirements
  • Interior vs. exterior applications
  • Required slip-resistant rating
  • LRV rating and Luminance Contrast Testing
  • Full Australian Standards compliance
What are Tactile Indicators used for?

Tactile ground indicators are a crucial floor safety requirement, particularly for the visually impaired. Warning tactiles alert to the presence of potential hazards while directional tactiles assist with orientation guidance for a continuous path of travel

What are tactile systems?

Tactile systems encompass all we do with tactiles at Classic. We have products to meet any substrate, and installation methods to suit.

Where are tactile indicators required?

All potentially hazardous situations such as rail platforms, stairways, escalators, passenger conveyors/moving travelators, ramps and pedestrian crossings are required to use tactiles. When installed in accordance with the guidelines, the vision impaired are afforded the ability to safely and independently navigate the built environment with confidence. 

What is the Australian Standard for tactile indicators?

The current Australian Standard AS1428.4.1:2009 for tactile indicators provides direction when it comes to the various types, their placement, luminance contrast, size and quality.

For more information, refer to the Tactile Application Guide, available for download HERE. This guide will provide a thorough explanation of the Australian Standards.

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