Endeavour Energy.

Endeavour Energy recently underwent a transformative shift from Hoxton Park office to its new office in the heart of Parramatta, which has played a pivotal role in redefining its new work model and surroundings.

Indigenous themes and warm elements like timber vinyl flooring and handrails balance the industrial aesthetic, creating an inviting corporate environment. A main feature of the build is the three-story spiral staircase, fabricated from custom blackened steel plates, serving as the focal point, embodying connectivity and modernity.

  • Office
  • New South Wales
  • Active Metal & Built
  • WMK Architecture
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Products Used.

Stair Nosings


Aluminium – hard wearing
Surface mount applications
Interior and exterior use
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  •   icon-badge-fire-resistant
  •   icon-badge-p4
Tactile Indicators


Polyurethane 300 x 300 warning tile
Grooved 6 ring top
Interior and exterior use
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