Enhancing Access With High-End Entrance Matting for Hotels.

Why do hotels need commercial entrance matting?

Commercial entrance matting is a crucial floor safety investment for any hotel or commercial project. Unlike residential mats or standard doormats, commercial entrance mats are specifically designed to provide a slip-resistant surface for foot and wheeled access in high-traffic areas. Often installed in common entry points, they also assist with minimising the risk of slips, falls, and other safety hazards.

Influencing your guests’ first impressions, entrance matting works hard to create cleaner and safer entry areas while maintaining the longevity of your floors. Their effective dirt and moisture removal properties also assist with upholding your building’s presentation while fostering a healthier environment.

What are the benefits of entrance matting for hotels?

Functional and aesthetic, commercial entrance matting offers a multitude of benefits for hotels, including but not limited to

  • Enhances the appearance of your hotel lobby while maintaining the overall cleanliness of your entrance area
  • Reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents by retaining moisture and debris at the doors
  • Protects your flooring by minimising constant exposure to debris, dirt and moisture
  • Improves indoor air quality by trapping dirt, dust and other pollutants often caught in the bottom of shoes, before entry
  • Reduces the amount of time and money spent on floor cleaning and maintenance

How do I choose the right entrance mat for my hotel?

Often one of the first design elements that visitors will see upon their arrival, choosing the right entrance mat can help you to minimise potential trip hazards while maintaining the cleanliness of your premises. 

While Classic can help you with making the right choice for your hotel, here are 7 considerations:

  1. Estimated level of expected pedestrian traffic which is typically high for hotels
  2. Identifying the most common walking routes within your hotel facilities
  3. Varying entrance zones – internal, external and other circulation areas
  4. Size and depth of matting required for effective cleaning
  5. Type of matting required – scraper matting, carpet-style matting, aluminium roll-up matting and/or modular tiles
  6. Design and aesthetic requirements to complement your hotel’s decor
  7. The desired lifespan to maximise your investment

What is the best material for hotel entrance mats?

To choose the right entrance mat for your hotel, you’ll have to consider whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use.

Exposed to climatic conditions, outdoor entrance matting needs to be hard-wearing and weather-resistant against rain and heat. It also needs to have optimised scraper properties to remove any heavy soil or debris from pedestrian footwear – open construction entrance matting is often ideal as it allows debris to fall through, keeping the surface free of any hazards.

Similarly, indoor entrance matting needs to support exterior matting by further removing any damaging debris while capturing fine dust and moisture. You’ll also want to select materials with quick-drying properties, such as nylon fibres, for enhanced moisture retention and durability.

What size should the entrance matting be?

HOTA Matting

When selecting entrance matting, length is a crucial factor to consider. Given that people usually don’t stop to wipe their feet when entering public buildings, it’s essential to have enough matting to achieve optimal moisture-wiping performance.

The chosen matting should be long enough to capture the maximum amount of moisture and debris as people enter, which is why a minimum of approximately six footsteps is recommended.

The length of matting required also depends on the amount of daily footfall. Use the below as a general guide:

  • Low (less than 80 people per hour) = a minimum of 3-4 metres
  • Medium (up to 400 people per hour) = a minimum of 6-7 metres
  • High (around 800 people per hour) = a minimum of 8-12 metres
  • Heavy Duty (around 2,000 people per day) = a minimum of 9-12 metres

With hotels typically attracting high levels of traffic, we’d recommend entrance matting with a minimum of 8-12 metres in length.

When installing your hotel entrance mats, you should also consider the importance of accurate mat wells.

Which colour of entrance matting is good for the main door?

Classic’s architecturally-designed entrance matting range is available in a versatile array of colours to seamlessly complement your hotel entryway’s overall look and feel.

You can use Classic’s 3D/AR visualisation tool to help make your entrance matting selections. Simply select your floor surface and preferred entrance matting, then make your matting colour selections. 

For aluminium matting options such as Classic Integra Verse and Vantt, you can customise both the aluminium colour and the matting colour. 

3D Visualise It – Classic Integra Vantt 5500 Matting

On the other hand, for carpet-style matting options like Classic Integra Zone, you simply need to select the matting colour. 

3D Visualise It – Classic Integra Zone Matting

You can also use our ‘Visualise It’ tool across our other floor and safety products including stair nosings and tactile indicators. This will help you to gain an accurate sense of scale, depth and spatial understanding, as well as achieve your aesthetic vision.

What are the best doormats for trapping dirt in Australia?

For optimum dirt trapping, we always recommend a zoning system when choosing front door entrance matting for your hotel.

Zone 1 – Exterior Entrance Matting 

To be effective, outdoor entrance matting must be designed to withstand various weather conditions such as rain and heat, and to accommodate the types of footwear that are typically worn. It should also have strong scraper properties to remove heavy soil and debris from shoes before people enter the building. Open construction entrance matting is particularly effective as it allows debris to fall through, ensuring the surface remains free of potential hazards.

Zone 2 – Primary Interior Entrance Matting

Interim entrance matting must be durable and resilient to complement the work of exterior matting by effectively eliminating the most harmful debris, such as soil, grit, and moisture.

Zone 3 – Secondary Interior Entrance Matting

Secondary interior entrance matting is a critical component for the effective and efficient elimination of moisture and dust. In instances where clients have limited budgets that do not permit a zoning system, we would suggest opting for primary interior entrance matting as a minimum requirement.

If in doubt, Classic can assist you with allocating a zoning system and recommending the best commercial entrance matting for each zone.

Choosing the best commercial entrance matting solution for your hotel

Perfectly tailored to your hotel’s requirements, the Classic team can help you to create an architecturally-designed floor safety solution that complements your building’s aesthetic. We offer an extensive collection of high-end mats for hotels Australia-wide, including both recessed and surface mount options.

Below are our most popular high-traffic entrance matting options for hotels.

Classic Integra Verse – Reversible Aluminium Matting

Entrance matting for hotels

Featuring double-sided functionality, the Classic Integra Verse range is engineered to withstand the toughest and most demanding of hotel environments. 

Suitable for:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Hotel Applications
  • High Pedestrian & Wheeled Traffic

Classic Integra Vantt – Roll-Up Aluminium Matting

Hotel entrance mats

A breeze to maintain, the Classic Integra Vantt range features an alternating pattern of aluminium scraper bars for high-quality slip resistance.

Suitable for:

  • Indoor Hotel Applications
  • Medium to High Pedestrian & Wheeled Traffic

Classic Integra Zone – Carpet-Style Matting

High end mats for hotels

With exceptional dirt and moisture barrier properties, Classic Integra Zone range is a perfect alternative to coir matting as it’s designed for high-traffic applications. 

Suitable for:

  • Indoor Hotel Applications
  • High Pedestrian & Wheeled Traffic

Classic Integra Link – Modular Interlocking Matting

Creating a warm feel, the Classic Integra Link range features an open, yet heel-proof and wheelchair-friendly design.

Suitable for:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Hotel Applications
  • Medium to High Pedestrian & Wheeled Traffic

View our entire range of commercial matting solutions.

Classic can help you to create a memorable experience for your hotel guests

Selecting the right entrance matting and flooring system for your hotel can significantly reduce cleaning and maintenance costs by minimising everyday wear and tear on your flooring. This also helps with reducing the daily upkeep while ensuring your building’s cleanliness and presentation for a memorable guest experience. 

Depending on your hotel’s requirements, Classic has entrance matting options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Designed with heavy-duty durability in mind, we can also customise your entrance matting to seamlessly complement your hotel’s decor for a cohesive look.

To ensure your compliance with Australian Standards, complete your project with Classic’s architecturally-designed range of stair nosings, tactile indicators, floor trims and covers. We also offer bike racks, skate deterrents, and car park safety systems to enhance the accessibility and appearance of your outdoor areas.
To view our complete range of floor and stair safety solutions, please refer to our latest product catalogue or contact us at 1300 244 377 to speak with an expert.

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