Skate Deterrents for Asset Protection.

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Preserve the presentation of your urban landscape with skateboard deterrents

Deterring the most determined skaters and riders from using your external areas as a free-for-all, Classic’s range of Skatestop skate deterrents maintain your property’s presentation and longevity.

With hard-wearing durability, you’ll commonly find our skate deterrents installed across public spaces and architectural features with continuous straight runs, such as retaining walls, planters, street furniture and handrails. Preventing property damage from skate activity, they can also help to minimise noise pollution from unwanted crowds.

With vs without skatestop skate deterrents

Saving you time, money and stress, skateboard deterrents work hard to protect you from potential liabilities such as damage repairs and personal injury claims. A cost-effective asset protection measure that can be safely and discreetly installed, we offer versatile solutions to complement your architectural design goals.

What is a skateboard deterrent?

Available in a range of styles, they are designed to act as mini speed humps along long, smooth surfaces to deter skaters from ‘grinding’ the edges and causing unsightly scratches and chips. They are also commonly referred to as skate stops and anti-skate studs/fittings.

Classic Skatestop installed at St Kilda Road, VIC
Classic Skatestop installed at St Kilda Road, VIC

Aesthetically blending into your streetscape, skate deterrents are often machined from weather-resistant, marine-grade stainless steel to withstand the impact force from ‘grinding’.

How do you install skateboard deterrents?

With fast DIY and retro-fitting options available, some skateboard deterrents can be simple to install. Depending on your product, most anti-skate deterrents can be easily secured by pre-drilling the clean, marked areas and using an epoxy adhesive for reinforcement. The adhesive will require time to fully cure so you’ll need to keep people away from the area for the recommended amount of time.  

Needing the help of an expert? Classic offers complete installation services across our range of stainless steel and solid brass skate deterrents.

Discover our Classic Skatestop range, available Australia-wide

Classic Skatestop Disc

Classic Skatestop Disc
Classic Skatestop Disc

A basic stainless steel skate deterrent, the Skatestop Disc is designed to blend in easily with most architectural themes. Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel, they have a round profile to maximise safety, versatility and discretion.  Offering a high level of vandal resistance, these low-maintenance skate deterrents are great for fast DIY installations and retrofitting to existing areas.

Also available in Solid Brass.

Classic Skatestop Edge

Classic Skatestop Edge
Classic Skatestop Edge

Deterring skaters from ‘grinding’ on your property, Skatestop Edge is an advanced stainless steel skate deterrent. Protecting the longevity of your external landscape’s usage and aesthetics, their L-shaped profile lends easy integration and/or retrofitting into your project’s design. Minimising your liability, the Skatestop Edge delivers high performance for demanding applications. 

Also available in Solid Brass.

Classic Skatestop Max

Classic Skatestop Max
Classic Skatestop Max

A project favourite, the Skatestop Max is our best and most effective stainless steel skate deterrent. Featuring a low profile, versatile design, this product has been specifically developed to deter skateboarding and biking. A mini speed hump for your walls, planters, benches and other architectural features with long, smooth edges, the marine grade stainless steel provides maximum protection with minimal maintenance.

Also available in Solid Brass.

Supporting projects nationwide through COVID-19

With full adherence to current COVID-19 guidelines and safety plans, Classic Architectural Group remains open for business Australia-wide. Keeping to our ‘certainty of supply’ assurance, we offer the flexibility you need to keep your existing and new projects moving along.

Aside from skateboard deterrents, our architectural safety range includes:

Empowering you to do what you do best, we specialise in fulfilling the complete supply chain, from tailored design to right through installation. Providing peace of mind during these unpredictable times, we’re ready to support you in any way we can.

Let us know how we can help by giving us a call on 1300 244 377 or contacting us online today.

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