Classic Tredfx

Pathfinder PD49 Concrete

  • Bladed shaft directional bar
  • Non-slip top
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Available in 300mm strips x 10mm shaft
  • Available in Hazard and Directional profiles
  • UV stable, extremely hard wearing and durable
  • Specifically designed to be installed into concrete
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Polyurethane TGSI Individual Directional Bar Tactile

Classic’s Polyurethane range of tactile indicators have been designed for safety and durability, and are an innovative tactile solution. Made from high quality polyurethane, these tactiles will last the distance. Even in the harsh Australian climate, they will not crack, fracture or chip with substrate movement.


Interior and Exterior

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  •   icon-badge-fire
  •   icon-badge-p5
  •   icon-badge-installation
  •   icon-badge-as1428-compliant
  •   icon-badge-ncc-compliant
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Compliance Tip – Be sure to check that your selection achieves the required LRV contrast to satisfy Australian Standards. We can assist you with LRV testing and compliance advice.

Technical Specifications

  • Slip Rating P5
  • Application Interior and Exterior
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