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CA290 Glue

  • Instant grab construction adhesive
  • Suits multiple surface types
  • High abrasion and tear strength
  • UV water and weather resistant
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Instant Grab Construction Adhesive Spray

Classic Adhesive 290ml (CA290) is a high quality instant grip polymer adhesive designed for the building and construction industry. The product is odourless and silicone, solvent, phthalate, PVC and isocyanide free.


Can be applied to almost any surface. Always test prior to application. Not recommended for application on PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, Neoprene, Teflon, bituminous surfaces, or for continual water immersion and expansion joints. Great for interior and exterior applications for building and industry situations.

It is advised that CA290 is applied with a heavy-duty applicator gun. CA290 must be applied in volumes relating to material surface and weight of object, through large V shaped nozzles (as supplied). Apply in triangular beads, approximately 20 mm apart, then press the 2 materials together firmly so that the thickness is no thinner than 3mm. CA290 should not be applied in dots. If applied correctly no support is required during curing.

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Technical Specifications

  • Application Can be applied to almost any surface.
  • Size 290mm
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