Forecast: Commercial Design Trends for 2024.

2024 trends in the commercial interior design space

Exploring trends that are set to thrive and evolve across the commercial design landscape

As 2023 draws to an end, we’re eagerly awaiting the fresh start the new year will bring. Reflecting on what’s upcoming and what’s fading, there are a few current commercial design trends that will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity in 2024. 

With hybrid workplaces and sustainability taking centre stage in a post-pandemic world, biophilic and eco-friendly designs will thrive. On the other hand, ultra-minimalism, monochrome styles and industrial designs are trends that are likely to take a step back.

Promoting inclusivity, encouraging collaboration and celebrating wellness, we’ll explore the 5 key commercial design trends to note for the year ahead – and how you can draw on them as inspiration for your floor and stair safety requirements.

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5 key commercial design trends to stay ahead of in 2024

Biophilic Design to Soothe Commercial Environments

While by no means a new concept, biophilic design is an ever-evolving architecture and interior design trend that’s here to stay for 2024. Promoting wellness, comfort and sustainability, biophilic design creates space for people to reconnect with themselves and their natural surroundings. 

Walsh Bay Arts Precinct featuring Classic Tredfx Solid Brass Stair Nosings and Tactile Indicators

Transforming built environments into calm havens, biophilia embraces an approach of connecting people with the tranquillity of nature. From incorporating natural materials and earthy tones to maximising natural light and organic shapes, it’s all about mimicking Mother Nature to bring the outdoors in. 

More than an aesthetically pleasing design trend, biophilic elements also help to create a soothing atmosphere, with positive effects on overall health, well-being, and productivity. This is particularly beneficial in busy, high-traffic settings, leading to more biophilic workstations, collaborative outdoor spaces and green roofs being included across commercial spaces. 

Classic offers a comprehensive range of floor and stair safety products that can be custom-designed and seamlessly installed into natural flooring products – our involvement in the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct redevelopment project is a great example!

For more inspiration, you can use our ‘Visual It’ 3D Tool to picture how our products will look, with accurate scale, depth and spatial understanding.

Enhanced Accessibility & Inclusivity in Commercial Design

Facilitating equitable access while welcoming people of all abilities, the incorporation of accessibility and inclusivity into commercial design will continue to be a major focus in 2024. Whether it’s navigating everyday life or built environments, everyone deserves equal and safe access, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. 

Read the blog: How to Improve Accessibility in the Workplace

In the commercial space, here are some examples of design principles and solutions to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for all:

  • Prioritising wheelchair-friendly entrances and exits, alongside automatic doors, ramps and elevators
  • Designing restrooms with ample space and accessibility features for individuals with disabilities
  • Designating clear pathways with appropriate audio, visual and tactile signage for safe navigation
  • Providing adjustable desks and flexible workstations to accommodate individuals with varying mobility needs
  • Designing quiet zones with strategically placed acoustic panels and controlled lighting levels to enhance comfort and reduce sensory overload
  • Installing tactile ground surface indicators and stair nosings with sufficient luminance contrast

Our recent blog covers how to improve accessibility in the workplace and you can also refer to the Disability (Access to Premises — Buildings) Standards 2010 for more information about compliance requirements.

Celebrating Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Practices in Commercial Design

Currently, the built environment contributes to 39% of gross annual carbon emissions worldwide. As we become increasingly conscious of our environmental impact, prioritising sustainability and eco-friendly practices is on the rise across the commercial design sector. 

From integrating renewable energy to encouraging responsible waste disposal, there is a growing demand for sustainable design and incorporating green building practices across new and existing builds.

Preserving natural resources while improving the well-being of its occupants, adopting green building principles also provides a competitive edge in the commercial space. Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) reported that sustainable commercial buildings have up to 56% lower vacancy rates alongside a 13.4% increase in net income. 

From our daily operations to manufacturing processes, Classic Architectural Group actively establishes eco-friendly objectives and monitors our ongoing progress towards minimising our environmental impact. Through our business infrastructure and Low Impact For the Environment LIFE® Program, we take ownership of what we make, where it goes, and where it will end up. 

Not only do we aim for equal access for all, but we’re also passionate about supporting our customers in creating better living and working environments with GUT-certified products.

The GUT certification gives you peace of mind that our products meet stringent international green ratings for environmentally friendly manufacture, recyclability and low VOC levels. 

Read more: Classic’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Vibrant Colours & Bold Design Elements in Commercial Spaces

From bright pinks to radiant oranges and playful lilacs, personality-driven colours will likely continue to dominate in 2024. 

Though neutrals and muted palettes will never go out of fashion, industry experts are predicting vibrant and playful colour trends in the new year. While you can still play it on the “safe” side with minimalist backdrops, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by strategically using bold colours and dynamic elements as focal points.

Whether it’s brightly coloured feature walls, patterned floors or statement artworks, these fresh additions of unapologetic colour can boost creative energy while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of commercial settings.

With the spirited Viva Magenta symbolising experimentation and self-expression in 2023, the countdown to Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024 has already begun. Complementing your aesthetic vision, Classic can custom match your stair nosing inserts, tactile indicator inserts and polyurethane TGSIs to any Pantone colour, including 2024’s yet-to-be-announced Pantone Colour of the Year.  

Integration of Innovative Lighting for Better Safety & User Experience

With rapid advancements in technology, the integration of innovative smart lighting is another popular trend that will continue to improve commercial environments in 2024.

Image Credit: Tom Blachford

Here are several ways where smart lighting technology can be leveraged across commercial spaces:

  • Energy-efficient occupancy sensors – Smart lighting can automatically turn on and switch off depending on when a room is occupied or vacant, reducing energy consumption and improving cost efficiency.
  • Differentiating zones by adjusting colour temperatures – Smart lighting can be used to create different atmospheres, from enhancing focus in work areas to encouraging relaxation in common spaces. 
  • Light-activating motion sensors for enhanced security – Deterring potential intruders and unwanted activity, smart lighting with motion sensors can activate lights in response to movement.
  • Safe and efficient emergency evacuations – Programming of smart lighting systems to provide clearly-lit pathways during emergencies.
  • Personalised user experience – Smart lighting can be controlled via mobile apps and voice/ motion activation, allowing commercial and residential users to conveniently personalise their environment.

Improving navigation, safety and convenience with enhanced visibility, we can take advantage of smart lighting technology to create better shared spaces and energy-efficient infrastructure.

Lean on Classic for the latest trends in floor and stair safety solutions

And there you have it, those are the five major trends that we believe will continue to grow across the commercial design space in 2024. Vibrant colours and sustainable practices aside, we don’t just pay attention to the latest trends – we pay attention to what matters most to YOU. 

Classic’s mission is to make public spaces safe, attractive and accessible to all. Partnering with some of Australia’s most trusted design and building professionals, we believe that commercial collaborations are the way of the future.

Whether it’s sharing insights, providing expert advice or designing tailored solutions, the Classic team is here to support your goals so you can focus on doing what you do best. Together, we can achieve more and do better.

To learn more about Classic’s leading floor and stair safety solutions, get in touch with us by calling 1300 244 377 today.

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