Classic Integra

Vantt 9500

  • Suitable for high traffic applications
  • Roll-up aluminium matting & flexible interlocking system
  • Interior use
  • Carpet inserts are GUT Certified
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Roll-up Aluminium Matting

Classic Integra Vantt 9500 is a new release in the Vantt range. The Vantt 9500 innovative flexible interlocking system features an alternating pattern of aluminium scraper bars, like the Vantt 5500. With a twin colour dual width strip of the Zone non-static polyamide pile matting, however the Vantt 9500 features a wider slat giving it a more ‘carpet like’ appearance. For optimum results, install Vantt 9500 with the polymer scraper insert externally for slip resistance and removal of larger particles, and continue the mat through internally with the high quality dual width polyamide matting insert of the Vantt 9500 for that added ‘touch of class’.

Classic Integra Vantt 9500 uses GUT Certified carpet inserts, which have met the environmental performance standards of the GUT Test Criteria.


Recess into mat wells, surface mount with ramp frame, wall-to-wall in airlocks and lobbies. Able to be cut into any shape or form providing the solution for architecturally shaped entrances and revolving doorways.

Suitable for:

Commercial office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, motels, airports, schools and universities, hospitals and aged care homes, all public domains – libraries, etc.

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Technical Specifications

  • Nominal Size Made to order
  • Custom Shaping Yes can be shaped to any size and shape
  • Fire Rating Fire Test Report
  • Slip Rating P5
  • Total Thickness ISO 1765 10.0mm average
  • Framing System Suits the INFR11 framing system
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Other Features

  •   Suitable for medium traffic applications Suitable for medium traffic applications
  •   P5 Slip resistance rating P5 Slip resistance rating
  •   Wheelchair friendly Wheelchair friendly
  •   Rolls up easily for cleaning Rolls up easily for cleaning
  •   Rubber cushioned back for quietness underfoot Rubber cushioned back for quietness underfoot
  •   Easy interlocking system Easy interlocking system
  •   Fire test report available Fire test report available

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