How to Select the Right Type of Tactile Indicators for Your Project.


A versatile range of TGSIs to complement your aesthetic and functional goals

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs) provide crucial orientation cues to assist the estimated 575,000 Australians, classified as blind or vision impaired, navigate the public environment safely. Together with other environmental information, tactiles are commonly installed in built areas such as pedestrian crossings, stairways, ramps, escalators and moving travelators.

Generally speaking, there are two main categories of TGSIs – warning and directional. Much like a stop sign, warning tactile indicators alert pedestrians of impending hazards in their line of travel.  On the other hand, directional tactile indicators provide directional orientation, designating the optimal accessible route to be taken. Working in synergy, tactiles empower visually impaired pedestrians to enjoy confident, independent mobility within urban landscapes.


More than what meets the eye, it’s essential that these tactile indicators are installed with precision, allowing accurate and simple interpretation by the visually impaired. From correct placement to the size and quality, they also need to comply with Australian Standards for maximised safety.

Explore the Classic Tredfx range of tactile ground surface indicators

After identifying which of the two categories of TGSIs you need, you should then consider the best type for your project’s goals. This includes factoring in the overall aesthetic, required functionality, interior or exterior application and your budget.

As one of Australia’s largest suppliers, our mission is to orchestrate the seamless and safe experience of public space for everyone. Exploring the Classic Tredfx range below, you’ll find versatile solutions to suit every application. From our ever-popular stainless steel tactile indicators to our ‘peel and stick’ poly tactiles, our team can talk you through all the available options, including bespoke designs.  

Solid Brass Tactile Indicators

Classic Tredfx BH10P Tactile

Ideal for retrofitting across interior and exterior applications, our Classic Tredfx Solid Brass tactile indicators offer a timeless, beautiful aesthetic that ages gracefully. Our range includes TGSI’s with a grooved 10 ring top and sloped sides for safe transition, as well as options with an anti-slip grit insert. Our solid brass tactile solutions provide the best of both worlds – looks and function.

Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators

Classic Tredfx SH10N Tactile

Crafted from T316 grade stainless steel for interior and exterior environments, the Classic Tredfx Stainless Steel tactile indicator range remains one of our most popular options. Favoured for their premium durability, these are perfect for retrofitting to existing applications. Available as individual tactiles, directional bars and warning tactile plates.

Aluminium Tactile Indicators

Classic Tredfx AH10N Tactile

Designed for interior use, the Classic Tredfx Aluminium individual tactile indicators are an affordable, budget-friendly choice. Available in silver and bronze upon request, these feature a grooved 10 ring top, rear nylon stud and sloped sides for an easy transition.

Polyurethane Tactile Indicators

PTA tactile
Classic Tredfx PT30A Tactile

Made from UV resistant polyurethane, this Classic Tredfx range is the ultimate solution for unique and creative designs. Suitable for interior and exterior use, you’ll enjoy the huge range of colours to complement your project’s aesthetics. Available as individual tactiles, warning and directional tactile tiles, there’s also peel and stick tile format options to assure fast and easy installation.

Ceramic Tactile Indicators

Tredfx CD Tactile
Classic Tredfx CD49 Tactile

UV stabilised for interior and exterior applications; Classic Tredfx Ceramic tactile indicators are a permanent inlaid solution. Featuring a non-slip textured top in charcoal, yellow and ivory, these are available in warning and directional tactile formats.

Fibreglass Tactile Indicators

Highly impact resistant and designed for years of use with high UV protection, fibreglass tactile indicators are a good solution for high traffic, high sun exposure areas, and the harshest of environments. These tactiles are available in both a directional tactile or a warning tactile tile and will keep its colour and durability for many years.

Accessories for Classic Tredfx Tactile Indicators

Complementing your choice of tactile indicators, we also offer a range of accessories to assist with your project needs. Discover easy installation templates and specially formulated glue, compatible with all Classic Tredfx products.

Ensuring your project meets all safety and compliance requirements

In selecting the right tactile indicators for your project, we can provide helpful advice to ensure your project meets all standard safety and compliance requirements.  

✔️Slip Resistant Rating

Often installed in busy environments, your tactile indicators need to provide the correct level of slip resistance – this is important to minimise the risk of slips and falls, particularly in wet conditions. Based on your project’s environment and expected traffic levels, the team at Classic can advise you on the slip-resistant rating required.

✔️LRV Rating & Luminance Contrast Testing

Luminance contrast is a measure that compares the luminance reflectance of two different surfaces – the difference in the amount of light reflected from the TGSIs compared to the amount reflected from the base surface. Assisting those with partial vision to detect the contrast, Classic offers luminance contrast testing to maximise the efficacy of your tactile indicators and ensure adherence to the Australian Standards.

✔️Compliant with all Australian Standards

Supporting the good design and planning of your public spaces, Classic’s Tredfx range is designed in accordance with all required standards. For more information on your compliance requirements, you can also refer to the following:

  • Australian Standards (AS 1428.1-2009 | Design for Access and Mobility)
  • The National Construction Code/Building Code of Australia
  • The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

At Classic, we’re committed to seeing your project the whole way through, from design to installation and maintenance. Alongside our lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee, you can rely on our expertise to bring your vision to life. You can explore some of our past projects for tactile indicators here.

Always getting you a step ahead, your goals are ours too. With people and operations right across Australia, you’ll always have peace of mind with us. View our entire product range.

To learn more about our range of tactile ground surface indicators or for a project consultation, please contact our friendly team by calling 1300 244 377 today.

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