The Importance of the Australian Made Logo for Promoting Local Manufacturing in a Globalised Economy.

australian made week 2024 at cag

Celebrating Australian Made Week from 20-26 May 2024

With 20-26 May being Australian Made Week this year, we’re taking the opportunity to explore the importance of the Australian Made logo and how you can support our local economy in a rapidly globalising market.

While international trading across global markets is a necessity with its numerous benefits, it can also present several disadvantages over time, such as increased competition and labour exploitation, as well as negatively impacting our environment with an increasing carbon footprint. 

On the other hand, we can protect and grow our local economy by promoting Australian manufacturing. Bolstering local communities and businesses, domestic manufacturing delivers widespread advantages including creating jobs throughout the supply chain, supporting development in regional areas, and nurturing our homegrown talent.

What’s the significance behind the Australian Made logo?

Recognised by 99.6% of Australian consumers aged 18 and over, the Australian Made logo was first created by the Australian Government in 1986 to promote Australian-made products in local and overseas markets.

Image Credit: Australian Made

38 years on, the Australian Made campaign continues to thrive. Certifying that goods have successfully met specific requirements and are of Australian origin, 91% of Australians want to see more Australian Made products, and 77% are willing to pay more for them, according to the 2024 Roy Morgan Research.

Earning consumer trust and patriotic support, and guaranteeing that products have been made to the highest standards, the eye-catching Australian Made logo also serves as a potent sales and marketing asset for ‘genuinely Aussie’ brands.

How globalisation is impacting our local manufacturing

Lifting the barriers to international trade, globalisation allows goods and services to move freely across borders. This allows businesses to access larger overseas markets and expand their customer base, as well as potentially lowering operational and production costs. Similarly, consumers can enjoy a wider array of products and services at competitive prices.  

While embracing a globalised economy offers significant benefits, it can also pose significant disadvantages for local economies.

Here are 5 examples of how globalisation can negatively impact Australia’s local manufacturing and economy:

  1. The decline of certain domestic industries and consequent loss of local jobs due to manufacturing activities being offshored and/or outsourced.
  2. Supply chains becoming less streamlined and being vulnerable to global-scale disruptions, including factors outside of our control.
  3. Fierce competition from both local and overseas manufacturers due to the availability of cheaper imported products. 
  4. Increased risk of intellectual property theft and the production of counterfeit goods.
  5. An increased carbon footprint, from importing and exporting goods over longer distances, adversely impacts our environment and sustainability. 

Adapting to economic trends, it’s important to recognise that globalisation can introduce both opportunities and challenges to Australia’s local manufacturing.

With the help of effective trading policies and strategies, alongside campaigns like Australian Made, we can continue to help local businesses and manufacturers to thrive in a globalised economy.

How you can promote local manufacturing by choosing the Australian Made logo

Support for Australian Made products, ranging from high-end beauty products to industry materials, continues to grow across domestic and international export markets. 

Image Credit: Australian Made

Jess Mauboy, our home-grown singer-songwriter, will also be headlining the 2024 Australian Made Week campaign, and we echo her sentiment: “Buying Australian is an important way we can support each other and ensure all Australians prosper. So let’s make some noise for supporting Aussie businesses.”

As a shopper, you can get involved in Australian Made Week and encourage local manufacturing by:

  • Looking for and purchasing products with the Australian Made logo
  • Actively considering the flow-on effects of your purchasing decisions 
  • Spreading the word about the importance of buying Australian Made goods

Championing Australia’s local makers and growers, some major supporting retailers and associations include ALDI, Coles, Qantas and Woolworths (and of course, Classic Architectural Group).

With over 4,500 licensed businesses, you can look for Australian Made products and learn more about partnering companies on the Australian Made website.

With continual investment in local manufacturing and jobs, Classic Architectural Group is proud to support the Australian Made logo

Classic Architectural Group has long been trusted as a 100% Australian-owned business – we’ve invested in local manufacturing and local jobs, with teams and services operating right across Australia, for over 40 years – and we’re committed to upholding this for future generations. 

Inside Classic Architectural Group’s manufacturing facility in Preston, Victoria

Operating out of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, we’ve always believed in setting the industry benchmark and creating employment opportunities to support our local economy.

From our cleaners to accountants, and installers to site coordinators, our team shares a collective passion for enhancing public safety and providing end-to-end quality access solutions.

Classic has also been licensed by Australian Made Campaign Limited to use the Australian Made logo on many of our products, including:

  • Classic Tredfx Entrance Matting
  • Classic Integra Stair Nosings
  • Classic Integra Tactile Indicators
classic architectural group australian made products 2024

In line with our values, we’re proud to get behind all Australian Made campaign activities to continue promoting local manufacturing and local products.

Let’s support Australian Made and create a better future for all Australians

“When you buy Australian, you support Australia.”

Beyond Australian Made Week, let’s continue to promote domestic manufacturing and celebrate our local makers and growers. The more we support and buy locally, the more jobs we’ll keep and create jobs for our fellow Australians. Visit the Australian Made website to explore how you can shop Australian Made products or register your own products. 

Your convenient one-stop shop, Classic Architectural Group specialises in fulfilling the complete supply chain, from design to installation, across our core product ranges. Whether it’s a refurbishment or a new build, we’re here to empower you to do what you do best, with passion, transparency and the Aussie work ethic you know and love.

To learn more about Classic’s product range and how we can help you achieve your project’s public access and safety goals, please download our product brochure or contact us today.

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