Tough Pebble Carpet Style Matting

Pebble Pattern Carpet Style Matting

Integra Tough has been specifically developed with a unique Pebble pattern which provides a highly effective scraping action. Its special construction and the density of its polypropylene pile forms an effective moisture-absorbing barrier, competently arresting the spread of moisture, dirt and grit to maintain the life and safety of your floors.

  • Traps dirt and particles at the base of the mat
  • Easy removal of trapped dirt and particles when cleaning
  • Enhances interior appearance and acoustics
  • Reduces floor maintenance and cleaning cost
  • Minimises costly slip-and-fall accidents
Product Colour:

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Install Integra carpet style entrance matting in colour (insert colour), comprising of dual-fibre large crush-resistant polypropylene fibres. If required, install Integra INFR08 aluminium mat frame to suit recess, in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Available from Classic Architectural Group, 1300 244 377,


High traffic and high-end corporate entrances. Can be installed recessed into mat wells, or wall-to-wall lobbies and atriums.

Stuitable for

Schools, shopping centres, retail, community etc.


Suitable for medium traffic applications
Easy to clean
Optimum dirt and moisture retention
Suitable for wheelchairs, heavy trolleys & other wheeled traffic
Releases trapped particles when vacuumed
Easy to transport and install

Technical Drawing

Specification (Matting)

Nominal Sizes

2000 mm wide roll, custom cut to length


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