Australia 108.

Located in Melbourne’s Southbank, Australia 108 is a remarkable feature of Melbourne’s skyline. Designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects, the cloud-breaking megastructure features a distinctive golden Starburst 210 metres above the ground protruding from levels 70 and 71; a feature which pays tribute to the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag and that has been described as a feat of engineering. Australia 108 has redefined apartment living and boasts world-class amenities including two infinity pools, dining rooms, theatres, spas, libraries, vertical gardens, gyms and lounge areas, with residents living above the Starburst able to enjoy their own private VIP zones and exclusive pool.

  • Residential
  • Victoria
  • Brookfield Multiplex
  • Fender Katsalidis

Products Used.

Entrance Matting

Vantt 5500

Suitable for high traffic applications
Roll-up aluminium matting & flexible interlocking system
Interior use
  •   icon-badge-lifetime-warranty
  •   icon-badge-fire
  •   icon-badge-p5
Stair Nosings

3M General Purpose Tape

Self adhesive, slip resistant material
Surface mount applications
Interior and exterior use
  •   icon-badge-2year-warranty
  •   icon-badge-fire
  •   icon-badge-p5
SH10N_Stainless Steel
Tactile Indicators


Grooved 10 ring top
Rear nylon stud
Interior and exterior use
  •   icon-badge-lifetime-warranty
  •   icon-badge-fire-resistant
  •   icon-badge-p5

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