Classic Architectural Group
Our Commitment to Recycling

Our commitment to sustainability in manufacturing and general operations.

Classic Architectural Group demonstrates its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability through our comprehensive recycling program. Our dedication to responsible environmental practices is evident in every aspect of our operations. Recognising the significance of safeguarding our planet for future generations, we have seamlessly integrated recycling throughout our entire product lifecycle.

Starting from the manufacturing phase, we prioritise the efficient recycling of waste materials to minimise our ecological impact. Ensuring responsible end-of-life management for our products is paramount. By facilitating their recycling and repurposing, we actively prevent unnecessary waste from burdening landfills. Our meticulous recycling program extends to packaging materials, promoting waste reduction and fostering a circular economy.


All our aluminium products can be recycled, once any inserts are removed. Aluminium stands out as a widely used and easily recyclable material, with a remarkable two-thirds of all aluminium ever produced still in circulation today.

Stainless Steel

All our stainless steel products are also recyclable (including tactiles once all inserts are removed). Stainless steel boasts 100% recyclability without any loss in quality, remaining a valuable resource diverted away from landfills and reincorporated into new stainless steel products.

Solid Brass

Additionally, all our solid brass products can be recycled. Like virtually all metals, brass can be recycled repeatedly without losing the properties that make it valuable and useful. The only other material that can claim infinite recyclability is glass.

From aluminium to brass, stainless steel, cardboard, and plastic, all materials are diligently collected and sorted for return to our trusted recycling partners. Our holistic approach to recycling reflects Classic’s dedication to being an environmentally responsible company, with an ongoing focus on implementing and improving our sustainable business practices.

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