LIFE® Program

Our commitment to sustainability in manufacturing and general operations.

Low Impact For the Environment:
LIFE® Program.

Classic Architectural Group are committed to providing products and services for a better environment, along with a consistent approach for comparing and assessing environmental impact. Classic takes ownership of what it makes, where it goes, and where it will end up. This claim can be demonstrated through our business infrastructure and Low Impact For the Environment LIFE® Program.

classic architectural group LIFE program

At Classic we are serious about Environmental Sustainability, that’s why our LIFE® Program focuses on:

Helping to Reduce the ‘Sick Building Syndrome’

  • Classic follows strict product testing procedures to help prevent slips, trips and falls, and keep floors clean, making for a better living environment. Classic’s range of commercial entrance matting, safety stair nosing and tactile indicators is designed for safe public access, and Classic is committed to responsible maintenance and replacement practises.
  • Environmentally compatible with stringent product testing practises in place.
  • Contaminant and lead-free raw materials, with minimal VOC emissions.
  • Where possible Classic fully recycles, including the use of recycled raw materials, in line with our sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • Products are made to last and protect floor finishes to minimise any landfill impact.

Integra Vantt 2500

Integra Vantt 5500

Integra Vantt 7500

Integra Vantt 9500

Integra Zone

Making a Positive Contribution to People’s Wellbeing

  • Specially designed entrance matting to achieve a reduction in the circulatioin of dust, improving indoor air quality.
  • Stair nosings and entrance matting engineered to effectively absorb sound.
  • Providing entrance matting solutions that arrest the ingress of dirt, grit and moisture, keeping the building and living environment cleaner. Results in less cleaning and chemical usage.
  • Helping to reduce the ‘Sick Building Syndrome’.
  • Providing bike rack solutions that contribute to a positive effect on the environment, increased health and wellness and deliver a convenient, safe, and sustainable cycling infrastructure. Read more here.

Our LIFE® Program Meets our Environmental Goals

  • To minimise any negative impact on the environment.
  • To work actively to improve the environment and conditions therein.
  • To promote the reduction, re-use, and recycling of waste matter.
  • To conserve resources and reduce carbon emissions.
  • To continuously monitor our activities and enhance our sustainability policies.

Our LIFE® Program Initiatives

  • Compliance with all legislative requirements.
  • Ensuring all product design and development of business processes, including the adoption of the central Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) ‘Code of Conduct’.
  • Provision of environmental management and sustainability training to all staff.
  • Return of metals to dedicated recycling plants.
  • Procurement of recycled materials for product packaging and printing.
  • Recycling and repurposing timber and waste packaging material.
  • Green certification with products that fulfill the GUT requirements. GUT certification indicates that a product meets stringent international green ratings for environmentally friendly manufacture, recyclability and low VOC levels.

Our LIFE® Program Ongoing Actions and Future Targets

  • An ongoing commitment and focus on sustainable manufacturing processes, including energy efficiency, manufacturing using recycled raw materials and using recyclable packaging.
  • Use of significantly less raw material whilst maintaining the highest performance.
  • Continual research and development into using low-impact materials and enhancing product design to improve longevity.
  • Continue to be a partner of choice in 6 Star Green Star rated projects, recent projects include the Officeworks Head Office, Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre and 555 Collins Street.
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