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Project Overview

Melbourne is justifiably proud of its laneway culture so, when a building was being designed as the new headquarters of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF), everyone saw an opportunity to contribute.

The headquarters at Elizabeth provides access to industrial, professional and legal representation, education and training facilities to over 81,000 nurses, midwives and carers.

With thousands of footfalls expected on a daily basis, the infrastructure needs adequate consideration for easy and safe access to people of all ages and abilities. In addition, the entrances and stairs need to ensure safe passage for people during wet days, while keeping the facility aesthetically pleasing always.

Classic Solution

Working closely with the architects, builders and contractors, Classic proposed and implemented a solution comprising –

1) Integra Verse black anodised aluminium architectural reversible entrance matting in Charcoal colour for all the entrance areas, including the revolving door, waiting entry, retail entry and the street entries from both Elizabeth street and O’Connell street,

2) SNR019 aluminium safety stair nosing for hard substrate stairs covering over 50 mtr of stairs,

3) PT30A polymer 300 x 300 mm pads in black for enhancing access for the visually impaired and,

4) CSA series floor cover strips, which are designed for smooth transition between different flooring surfaces.

Application highlights: Internal and external applications. Entrance mats for revolving doors.

Access and safety enhanced (Key benefits):

* Clean and safe floors for healthcare professionals, patients and visitors alike. Entrance mats designed to retain and remove moisture and dirt at entrance areas experiencing heavy foot/wheeled traffic

* Safe passage for patients, nurses, midwives, carers and visitors on stairs across the large facility

* Enhanced access experience for visually impaired

* Avoidance of trips due to uneven levels between different flooring surfaces

What our customers are saying... On behalf of the Norman Park Community Kindergarten, I'd like to thank you so much for your generous support... Your eagerness to assist in making our kindy safer and more accessible was really wonderful. Your positive response to our call for help, your willingness to provide advice and of course your exceptional product showed us the depth of community spirit at the heart of Classic Architectural. Thanks Anna...!
Michelle Mitchell, Cox Architecture
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What our customers are saying... I’d just like to thank Classic Architecture on a whole for your ongoing support and hard work, great products and friendly service, but also I would like to say a special thank you to Anna for her persistence in being super helpful and her diligence even under extreme pressure where we had unrealistic deadlines and almost unreasonable requirements.
Nicole Ford, PK Flooring
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What our customers are saying... Thank you for all your help this year. It's been 100% hassle free from you guys on my jobs this year and that's very much appreciated.
Aaron Girvan, PK Flooring
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What our customers are saying... BIG accolades. The customer service is absolutely fantastic and excels in the industry.
Lawrie Turner, Arden Architectural Staircases
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What our customers are saying... Anna has gone well above for us a few times now to ensure our projects are on time.
Dean, Lifestyle Commercial Floorcoverings
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What our customers are saying... Great Job all around, well done and thanks for accommodating the time frames and our noise restrictions, good service
Mark Edmonds, Melbourne Business School
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What our customers are saying... We wanted to get the work completed in time for our handover, as per our promise to MYOB. and Classic swiftly delivered well within our required timelines and were happy to go the extra mile to get it done for us.
Xavier Nairn, Shape Group
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What our customers are saying... Fantastic! Great Service!
Cameron Peterson, Asset Flooring
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