Verse R100* Reversible Aluminium Matting

Engineered aluminium matting

Integra Verse R100 is one of the most rugged entrance mats in the market. It is engineered to withstand the toughest and most demanding of environments. With unique features like double sided reversibility, Verse (*patent pending – 2016901473) is a matting system that offers longevity like no other.

  • Able to withstand ultra-high traffic
  • Fully reversible, double sided construction allows longevity
  • Regular turning keeps matting fresh
  • Versatile design to allow best results
  • Lifetime warranty available
Product Colour:
Aluminium Colour:

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Recess into mat wells, surface mount with ramp frame, wall-to-wall in airlocks and lobbies. High traffic areas. Internal and external use.

Suitable for

Commercial office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, motels, airports, schools and universities, hospitals and aged care homes, all public domains – libraries, etc.


Suits the INFR1217 framing system.


Suitable for high traffic applications
Easy to clean. Highly effective scrape and wipe cleaning action
Resistant to fungal and bacterial growth
Suitable for wheelchairs, heavy trolleys & other wheeled traffic
Optimum dirt and moisture retention
Healthier, cleaner environments
Indoor and outdoor options available

Technical Drawing


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